Tafilete: aniline glazed kid skin for classic shoe uppers

Softy: milled goat, aniline or semianiline for casual footwear

Karibu: sport goat chrome free - white tanning

Katar: Vegetal tanning goat

Pergamí: Parchment tanning goat

Flotter: Drum shunk goat for shoes, sandals and leathergoods

Hispana: Vegetal tanning goat heavy drum shrunk for shoes and leathergoods


Article name Type Selection (%) Substance (mm) Size (p2) Soft Shiny Finishing
Tafilete Aniline/semi ABC 70/20/10 0,5/0,7 – 0,6/0,8 2,5/3,5 – 3,5/4,5 Normal Shiny/semi Glazed
Softy Aniline/semi ABC 70/20/10 0,8/1,0 – 1,0/1,2 4,5/6 – 6/8 Milled Shiny/semi/matt Brushed/pressed

Raw material: special selection of main Mediterranean and Asian areas