Fall-Winter 2019

“This season translates a contrasted mix of opposite feelings, where nature is fully present but in a very intense and luxury way. The colors are warm and cozy while at the same time cold and deep, with transparent, reflective and saturated effects.

The range of colors has an earthy theme. Browns are important for this Winter, with the infinite combinations that they can offer: classics and perfect for a retro but design style.

Oranges appear as less bright in a variation of ochres and toasted tones. Reds, deeper than last summer, are influenced by the earth and move to a dense range of reds.

Cold but not darks, whitish and creamy tones are highly present and blended with watery tones. Greys add tonality to the palette with an unexpected softness mixed in with blues which are appearing more present these last seasons: from icy and washed, to the dynamic blue worker and then ending out with deeper tones that makes us remember the dark seabed.”


Polar Overview

Natural Milled

A range of colors that take us through icy roads and undiscovered polar landscapes. Nature is highly present, with aqueous and bluish tones. Airy is icy and washed while Marine and Denim moved toward petroleum shades. The palette finally ends up with deeper grey tones like Petrol and Cloud that makes us remember the dark seabed. Polar white, Snow and greyish tones (Mercury, Lunar) light up the theme in order to shine up the ordinary dark winters.

  •        Icy Oceans
  •        Blue tones
  •        Bleak Habitat
  •        Marine Ripples
  •        Cool Softness
  •        Isolated Nature

“The transparency and purity of water translated in all it forms and colors”


Retro Journey


A seventies and retro story composed of classic leather shades (Apricot, Truffle, Honey). A variation of browns and oranges, ideal for a rustic or casual look. Mango and Ochre are toasted and warm. Here, we go back to the roots of Mother Nature’s arms, in order to fully enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Greens Lichen and Vetiver goes into deep forest tones. It is both vintage and contemporary at the same time, while exploring life in natural landscapes.

  •         Retro Design
  •         Earthy Tones
  •         Wood Interiors
  •         All Terrain
  •         Strong Classics
  •         Modern Rustic

“The essence of the wild nature translated into a retro design key”


Citizen Flavor

Street Shoe

Let’s stop in the city and enjoy its full intensity of urban colors. A vibrant and sporty palette of bright tones coming from daily city life. Fruity Orange and acidic Mimosa fully contrast with candy Orchid. The lavender tones (Conchiglia) are still present this winter but in a more washed effect. Spicy Rosée and Habana are the new blacks and become must haves in comparison to the dark tones routine of winter. Blue worker, Victoria, and Leaf green bring more intensity to this hyper-saturated color range. An active palette of bold colors.

  •         Millenials
  •         Comfortable
  •         Street Style
  •         Sport Culture
  •         Flashy Cities
  •         Bright Color

 “Get illuminated by the city lights and the bright colors of the street food diversity”


Intense Drama

Leather Goods

We jump into the past, during a Baroque period when, without computers or screens, emotions where more pure with no filters. A dark theme that gives an idea of intense luxury with a richness of textures. Tones have a sense of drama with the theatrical Bubble and Petunia give power to the palette. Greys Artic, Plum and Lavender bring mystery while warm Zephyr, Burgundy and Praline keep the balance with a sweeter harmony.

  •         Sophisticated
  •         Decorative
  •         Mystical Luxury
  •         Timeless Opulence
  •         Glamourous
  •         Dark Smoky

“Timeless opulence & glamour surrounded by a mystical decor”

Source: Stahl