The company

Settled in 1977 by Francesc Julbe Roda, third generation in the tanning business and current President, the company produced lamb and goat skins for the shoe industry, and was well know during the 80s for his high quality glazed goat lining. Since those days, and helped by heavy investment in innovation, re-engineering and Quality Management, we achieved a non-stop improvement to medium and high range quality leather for shoes and leathergoods. A dynamic and qualified staff combined with several generation experience allowed this quick changes and ensure we are equipped to meet future challenges. At present, our main articles are the suedes and anilines on lamb, kid and babycalf for the shoe industry and leathergoods.

The company uses a site of 5,000m2 area with a modern and permanent updated machinery and the latest technology to monitor production and ensure quality is up to standard. The complete tanning and finishing process is done in our factory. This allows us to check each and every stage of production to ensure that we meet our customers requirements in full. In our laboratory we control our raw materials (chemicals and skins), we check our production process and test finished articles. We are continuosly searching new receipts and procedures to improve our articles and to develope new products.


Quality management

Curtidos Julbe was one of the first spanish tanneries to adapt their production to the requirements of the ISO9002 standards. The certificate, got in early 1998, evidenced the interest to improve our products and our will to offer to the customers the quality, reliability and service requested. This is not an end in itself but a springboard to enable us to continue improving and adapting to futures requirements.


Environmental management

We confirm that our production process is enviromental friedly. A fully equiped treatment plant for our sole production guarantees water to be wasted properly to the general drain pipelines. We avoid the air polution selecting the right chemicals for finishing and filtering all dust emissions and using natural gas as fuel for our boilers. We also keep separate our solid waste to enable us to promote a recycling policy. It also an important enviromental aim to adapt as soon as possible policies to minimize all wastes in origin and using the best available technologies (BAT) in our business.



Our main market is Spain where our customers are shoe manufacturers of international renown. We have our own agents in the main areas in Spain as: Almansa, Barcelona, Elda, Elche, Arnedo, Mallorca, Menorca, Ubrique and Villena. Exports form and increasingly important part of our global turnover.