Printemps-Été 2020

“Sustainability is a great opportunity to drive positive change. Spring Summer 2020 will definitely be a key season highlighting changes and evolution.

In that sense, green will be an important color, driven by a desire to reconnect with nature and the environment. It will appear in different shades as well as light plant tones, light turquoise, khaki olive or with a touch of gray as emerald.

As we focus on basics, black cedar and white cotton bring a modern touch to more softer tones. Sand and yellow, as well as orange, are declined in watercolor or mid tones with a touch of bright accents. They are solar and emphasize the summer palette.

Pinks are swinging and modern declined from powder to sepia. Reds are also near to skin tanned tones, earthy and warm.

Blue and gray blue are remaining from last winter and underline the idea of transparency and softness even when dark. They both give the season an urban touch that fits with the idea of looking forward.”


Low Impact For Environment

“Natural and sustainable leather story with Pecan, Cameland Tawny shades. Mint, really bright, appears as one of the key colors from the colors from this season and can be mixed with more earthy shades in order to play down its effect.”

Life, Sustainability, Freshness, Nature, Earthy, Ground, Bleached Tones, Mint, Environment, Neutrals, Greening, More Transparency.


Leather Goods

“A palette that reminds us the idea of simple elegance. Blues are applied in delicate pastels and combined with reddish and earth tones. Classiques Mocha and Peanut bring authenticity to the palette.”

Love, Watercolor Tones, Gradation of blues, Dreamy Desert, Handcraft, Details, Leather Goods, Simple Elegance, Matt Finish


Street Shoe

“Let’s look forward instead of focusing on the past and build this composition with Bricktones of construction. Neutral Cotton and flashy Canary appear as optimistic and highlight the tone contrast with blue Sky, Deepor Monaco

Loud, Mainstream, Structure Industrial, Street, Shoe, Matte/Shiny, Brushed Felt/Patent, Deep Blues, Light Oranges, Contemporary Pastel, Brick Orange.



“Bright Scarlet and Merigold light up the range of mid-tones palette with happiness, Malibu and Capri appear as more dynamic and sportive, Sepia neither pink nor purple appears as one interesting key color for SS20”

Lush, Next Generations, Life as a Game, Optical Vibrations, Patchwork, Impact, Upbeat, Sepia, Pattern Diversity

Source: Stahl