Baby calf

Box: Babycalf box-calf type for men's shoes, not dyed through

Britannia: Babycalf.  Aniline or semianiline tradional glazed for men and ladies shoe uppers.

Lombarda: Soft babycalf , aniline or semianiline with matt or semishiny finishing for shoe uppers.

Vogue: Babycalf suede for men’s shoes and ladies boots.

Pony: Hair-on babycalf for shoes, garment and leathergoods.

Lama: Drum shrunk two tones, hand painted babycalf for shoe uppers, garment or leathergoods.

Article name Type Selection (%) Substance (mm) Size (p2) Soft Shiny Finishing
Britannia Aniline/semi ABC 70/20/10 0,6/0,7-0,7/0,8 8/10 – 10/12 Normal Shiny Glazed
Lombarda Aniline/semi ABC 70/20/10 0,6/0,7-0,7/0,8 8/10 – 10/12 soft Shiny Brushed/Pressed
Campero Aniline/semi ABC 70/20/10 1,0/1,2 8/10 – 10/12 milled Shiny/semi/matt Semi Brushed
Pony Hair on U 0,8/0,9 – 1,0/1,1 6/8 – 8/10 Normal/soft
Hair= 3mm
Vogue Suede ABC 70/20/10 0,8/1,0 6/8 soft
Raw material: best available european and north-american babycalves